Japan Air Gases Ltd. (JAG) announces the construction of a new Air Separation Unit (ASU) to supply gaseous oxygen by pipeline to Asahi Techno Glass (ATG) Shizuoka Plant for the increasing demand in glass melting.

While Japan Air Gases already operates Oxygen VSA units to supply ATG's Shizuoka Plant, the new ASU manufactured by Air Liquide Japan and operated by JAG, will increase stability and reliability of Oxygen supply as well as contribute to improvement of ATG's cost competitiveness.

In addition to the gaseous oxygen supplied to ATG on a long term contract basis, the new ASU will also produce additional volumes of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen for meeting the increasing demand of JAG's customers in the automotive and electronics industries in Shizuoka. Start-up of the unit is scheduled in 2008.

Guy Salzgeber, President & CEO, Japan Air Gases, said: $quot;I am very honoured that JAG was selected by Asahi Techno Glass to further support their increasing demand linked to special glass manufacturing.$quot;