Japan Air Gases has released its consolidated sales for the financial year ended in December 2005.

Sales amounted to ¥135.76bn, up by 2.3 per cent, while ordinary profit came to ¥13,493m, up by 2.9 per cent. Profit for the term amounted to ¥8,465m, up by 19.4 per cent. Actual sales, however, with the exclusion of the gauge business (probe) sold off during the early part of the year, were up by 3.6 per cent with ordinary profit up by 4.6 per cent.

While the financial report is based on the Japanese accounting standard (consolidated), it was not audited. Profit for the term on an independent basis was up by 29.9 per cent over the previous year. This was due to the fact that a special profit of ¥1,610m was listed resulting from the selling off of the gauge business.

Only percentage change over the year of sales according to division were published. Sales of the Industrial Gas Division, however, which accounts for nearly 60 per cent of total sales were up by 3.3 per cent.

President Guy Salzgeber commented the outlook for 2006: "We have targeted a growth exceeding that of 2005."

He stressed improvement on profitability due to the price revision, which went into effect as of November last year, searching for opportunities for growth based on M&A, and continuing involvement in development of personnel.