Air Liquide Japan/Japan Air Gases has installed a new nitrogen gas generator at Ōmi Plant of DENKA, a pioneer in carbide chemical productions, and held a ceremony on April 22nd.

The proprietary generator, item TCN 1500-AR, will meet the demand and growth for nitrogen brought about due to the company boosting its production of Chloroprene Rubber at DENKA’s Omi plant.

The TCN series of plants are widely recognised and used as a standard on-site nitrogen generator across a range of industries and applications, and the TCN 1500-AR in particular, is manufactured by Air Liquide Japan and equipped with a patented air recycle system.

DENKA is a long-held customer of Air Liquide Japan, since the introduction of its first air separation unit (ASU) made by Air Liquide Japan for lime nitrogen production at its Omi plant in 1922.

In recent history, DENKA has been expanding its businesses to inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, petrochemicals and fine chemicals and now leads the way in the Japanese chemical industry. The company has forged a strong relationship with Air Liquide Japan, not only for its Omi plant but also its DENKA Kojundo Gas facility and DENAL Silane plant.

The Kojundo Gas plant is a joint venture for industrial gas production, based in Omuta city, Fukuoka prefecture, and the DENAL Silane plant is another joint venture, this time for silane production and based in Itoigawa city, Niigata prefecture.

At its aforementioned Omi plant, industrial gases are used for a whole variety of processes and applications. The new TCN is connected to the site’s existing pipeline network of gases, to support the nitrogen supply initiated from the large ASU and thereby establish a stronger and more cost-efficient supply system.

Air Liquide Japan’s President Jackow explained, “As a member of Air Liquide, the world leader in gases for industry, health and environment, our mission is to bring innovation to Japan using the group’s technology and knowledge. We strive to build long lasting and trusting relationships with our customers by solving environmental and productivity requirements of our customers and by bringing in innovations.”

“I would like to thank DENKA to meet this for its trust in our long lasting relationship. We are more than happy that we have been able to demonstrate our responsiveness and our technology to meet its growth.”