Japan Air Gases Co. has replaced its existing air separation unit (ASU) in Kitakyushu with a new ASU at Kitakyushu Oxyton, to reinforce its manufacturing capacity and improve energy efficiency.

As a 100% Air Liquide Group company and part of Air Liquide Japan Ltd, Japan Air Gases (JAG) is firmly established in the strong Japanese gases market. The newly announced ASU is a further sign of its ongoing investment in the country.

The new ASU, manufactured by Air Liquide Engineering Japan, is an environment-conscious model designed with the group’s latest patented technologies to improve energy saving.

For example, electric energy use per produced gas unit has been reduced by 27% compared to older technologies. As a result, the new unit has also successfully passed NEDO certification earlier this year.

Following the construction and detailed test run of the new equipment, JAG has now begun enhanced operation with the new ASU - supplying oxygen through piping to the Kitakyushu Plant of Tokyo Steel, as well as additional product throughout the Kitakyushu area.

The steel plant had previously been supplied by the original ASU since 1970, but will now benefit from more efficient and reliable supply.

François Jackow, President and CEO of Air Liquide Japan, commented, “We are very happy to start the production from this state of the art new air separation unit in KitaKysushu. As a subsidiary of the world leader in gases for industry, health and the environment, Japan Air Gases is committed to leverage the best technologies available to improve our impact on the environment and support our customers in Japan.”

“I would like to thank all the parties involved, our customers, partners, the local authorities and NEDO to help us promote energy conservation project and continuous support to the manufacturing industry in KitaKyushu.”

JAG was established in January 2003, with the purpose of integrating the industrial and medical gas business of Air Liquide Japan, Ltd. and Osaka Sanso Kogyo Ltd. In 2007 it became a 100% Air Liquide Group Company as part of Air Liquide Japan Ltd.