Japan Air Gases has signed a long term contract with Showa Denko K. K. to supply oxygen and nitrogen at Showa Denko\\$quot;s waste plastic recycling plant in Kawasaki.

The waste-plastic recycling plant is producing raw material gases such as hydrogen from waste plastic, which then are used to produce ammonia. The production started last month.

Under this contract, Japan Air Gases has invested and commissioned a new ASU manufactured by Air Liquide Japan, which integrates all the latest energy saving technologies, and will achieve significant improvement of power consumption.

With the installation of the new ASU, Showa Denko aims for further improvement in cost efficiency of the recycling plant, by scrapping one of its two proprietary ASUs.

Showa Denko\\$quot;s waste-plastic recycling plant is a \\$quot;˜zero-emission\\$quot; plant that decomposes used plastic from domestic wastes at high temperature using a unique two-stage heating system, and transfers output elements into raw material gases for ammonia production, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment by creating an effective recycling process of waste plastic. With this plant approximately 50 per cent of the main raw materials necessary for Showa Denko\\$quot;s production of ammonia are generated from gases produced by the waste- plastic recycling plant.

Japan Air Gases CEO Guy Salzgeber, said: "With this new unit supplying the needs of Showa Denko in Kawasaki for recycling waste plastics, we are also very pleased to deepen our long term relation with one of the leading chemical companies in Japan. Our company aims to bring innovative and cost efficient solutions and technologies to respond to our customers\\$quot; needs in terms of environment protection and efficiency, making the most of our international global network and long experience in Japan."