Japan Air Gases (JAG) will participate in the 'Bibendum Forum & Rally', organized by Michelin on the 8th & 9th of June in Kyoto. JAG is jointly owned Air Liquide (55%) and BOC group (45%).

During this event, Japan Air Gases will be supply hydrogen to 8 fuel cell vehicles (FCV) at HIKONE during their rally from Kyoto to the Aichi Expo. The purpose of this event is to showcase the performances of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Japan Air Gases is actively involved in the development of Hydrogen as a clean energy and promising raw material for the future. Operating (directly or through JVs) 20 hydrogen facilities in Japan, Japan Air Gases is fully committed to bringing the best technologies & applications as well as safe operations for serving the wide variety of hydrogen requirements from customers in Japan.

Bibendum Shanghai Rally 2004///Photo courtesy of Michelin Challenge Bibendum

Commenting on this event, Guy SALZGEBER, President and CEO of Japan Air Gases declared: 'Japan Air Gases is very happy to be able to support Michelin during this event and to contribute its long experience in producing, distributing and handling hydrogen in a safe and reliable way in Japan. With the support of both our parent companies Air Liquide and BOC that operate FCV refuelling stations in Europe, North America and Australia, Japan Air Gases has access to one of the most comprehensive experience curve in FCV refilling. We consider that it is our mission to bring the best of these innovations and experience to support the development of such technologies in the Japanese market.'

In September 2003, JHFC & JAG inaugurated the first methanol reforming fuel cell vehicles refilling station in Kawasaki. Close to 150 refuelling operations have been performed in Kawasaki since the start up.