Japan Air Gases (JAG) commits to implement an environmentally free ozone bleaching process in paper mills.

Many paper mills have adopted chlorine free bleaching methods by using ozone as an alternative.

Japan Air Gases has engaged in a long term contract with Daio Paper corporation to supply oxygen by an onsite vacuum swing absorber for the ozone bleaching.

Daio Paper announced its need for an environmentally friendly ozone bleaching process at its Mishima Plant. With the introduction of the ozone bleaching, the Mishima plant has achieved 100 per cent chlorine-free operation.

Guy Salzgeber, President and CEO of JAG, declared: "JAG is honoured by the long term trust and cooperation with Daio Paper, one of Japan\\$quot;s leading Paper Manufacturers. In this project, the oxygen that we produce will be used to generate ozone necessary for processing 1,600 tonnes of pulp daily, which is Japan\\$quot;s largest operation of its kind."