Taiyo Nippon Sanso (TNS) has recently developed a mobile hydrogen station to supply fuel cell vehicles with hydrogen gas.

This is the first mobile hydrogen station in Japan to be able to supply hydrogen compressed to 70MPa.

Until today the maximum filling pressure for fuel cell vehicles has been 35MPa, and the distance a vehicle can travel on one fill is short compared with the distance a gasoline-fuelled vehicle can travel on one tank of gas.

TNS said: "In order to extend the distance a fuel cell vehicle can travel without changing the capacity of the fuel tank, it became necessary to fill the fuel cell car with hydrogen gas at a higher pressure. In Japan, under a New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) project, equipment that could be used at 70MPa and above is therefore being developed. Development work is also being done in other parts of the world especially North America and Europe.

"By making the hydrogen station mobile and also enabling not only supply at 35MPa but also supply at 70MPa \\$quot;” a first for Japan \\$quot;” TNSC is making the supply of high pressure hydrogen much more widely available and meeting a diversity of needs."

Taiyo Nippon Sanso has taken part in many related-activities such as the development of basic technologies for hydrogen utilization including the Komatsu hydrogen station under the WE-NET Project (World Energy Network: International cooperation in research and development of clean energy system with particular emphasis on hydrogen), and the Kasumigaseki hydrogen station, the Senju hydrogen station and the Expo 2005 hydrogen stations under the JHFC Project (Japan Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Demonstration Project), and the formulation of NEDO\\$quot;s technical standards.

The latest facility is a second-generation station incorporating these achievements. "We will capitalize on the flexibility, safety and originality of this station to make up for the weaknesses in the existing hydrogen infrastructure and to contribute to various activities for a hydrogen energy society, and we will also promote this technology energetically to car manufacturers, universities, and research organizations involved in the field of hydrogen energy and fuel cells to create demand."

Station facility
The70MPa/35MPa mobile hydrogen station comprises a compressor, accumulator and dispenser, and these are built into a truck.

Compressor: The compressor capacity is about 30m3/hr and maximum delivery pressure is 90MPa.

Accumulator: The accumulator has an accumulation capacity of 912m3 and uses a C-FRP composite container to make the whole facility more lightweight.