Nine Japanese companies have joined forces to create a Carbon Recycling Working Group that will use carbon capture and recycling technologies to help decarbonise the maritime industry.

Formed of EX Research Institute, Hitzachi Zosen Corporation, Japan Marine United Corporation, JFE Steel Corporation, JGC Corporation, Mitsui O.S.K Lines, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, Nippon Steel Corporation and Sanoyas Shipbuilding Corporation, the group today held its first meeting.

As well as exploring a variety of carbon capture technologies, the Working Group also hopes to explore the concept of utilising methanation technologies for zero emission ship fuel.

Through its activities, the group hopes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from sea transportation, that currently account for 99.6% of Japanese important and exports.

The first stage of activities laid out by the group include: separation, capture and liquefaction of CO2 emitted from steelworks, transportation of liquefied CO2 by ship to a hydrogen supply site, generation of synthetic methane from CO2 and hydrogen by methanation reaction and liquefaction of the synthetic methane and using it as a fuel.

In addition to obtaining an approximate value of CO2 emissions in the assumed supply chain, the group will also identify challenges and decide whether to proceed with the next stage of activities.


Source: JFE Steel Corporation