JEOL’s AccuTOF-GCx was exhibited for the first time in the US at Pittcon 2015 in New Orleans, booth #1523. The AccuTOF-GCx, the fourth generation of JEOL’s successful gas chromatography/time-of-flight mass spectrometer systems, is designed for optimum throughput, operation, and uptime.

It offers improved resolution, accuracy, and sensitivity, while retaining the power and flexibility of the previous models. In combination with comprehensive 2D gas chromatography (GCxGC) using the Zoex thermal modulator, the GCx offers both powerful chromatographic separation and high-resolution mass spectra. 

An optional combination EI/FI/FD ion source eliminates the need for source exchange for these experiments. Gas chromatography/field ionization can also be used to characterize samples that would be difficult to analyze by any other technique. Applications for the AccuTOF-GCx include: environmental, petroleum, polymers and materials, forensics, foods, flavors, and fragrances.

While hundreds or even thousands of components can be separated and detected using this type of system, interpreting the data sets can be challenging due to the unprecedented amount of information the data provides. JEOL has collaborated with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, GC Image and Zoex to develop new software methods and tools to simplify the analysis of GCxGC/HRMS data sets from complex mixtures such as crude oil and environmental contaminants.

This work is being presented at the Accurate Mass Analysis of Environmental Samples and Food by both LC and GC/Q-TOF-MS symposium at Pittcon on Sunday, March 8. The paper is entitled “Analysis of electronics waste by GCxGC combined with high-resolution mass spectrometry: using accurate mass information and mass defect analysis to explore the data.”