Suzhou, China-based Jinhong Gases has announced that Phase III of its ultra-high purity (UHP) ammonia production plant, designed by its own team, has been completed and commissioned.

Both the purity of the product achieved – 7N (99.99999%) – and the production rate out-perform the original design figures, the company says.

Moreover, the contents of the impurities in the product, including light hydrocarbons, water, metal ions and others, are all better than the national and enterprise standards and can be classified as being at an industry-leading level.

Together with Phase I and II of UHP ammonia production of 3,000 tonnes per year (tpy), Phase III of the plant sees the total annual output now reach more than 6,000 tpy. With this development, the whole production plant has become the largest of its kind in China, gasworld understands.

Jinhong Gases will supply UHP ammonia product to domestic semiconductor, flat panel display, LED, solar and other industrial customers.