As of 1st July 2015, Onelogix United Bulk is the majority shareholder of Cryogas Express Ltd – which also gains the 35-year cryogenic knowledge of former company owner Graham Hunter.

Hunter said he is “extremely excited” about being a part of the Onelogix United Bulk family – while reassuring valued clients will continue to get “the service they deserve”.

It was way back in the early 2000s that Hunter identified a need for an independent Cryogenic tanker service supplier, as a service like this didn’t exist for the Industrial Gas business in South Africa, as all the companies had their own tankers to serve their needs.

“The question was, how was I able to create this opportunity? In 2008 I found the strategic partner in Triton Express, who were willing to invest in my idea of forming a business to cater for this need. Cryogas Express was founded and we built two tankers which were delivered in May 2009. We placed more orders and soon we were running ten tankers for the delivery of Liquid Oxygen(Lox); Liquid Nitrogen(Lin); Liquid Argon(Lar); Liquid Carbon Dioxide(LCO2) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG),” Hunter explained.

The relationship developed, with Triton Express being an equal partner in Cryogas Express, but now seven years later Hunter has found that the bulk business is not core to the Triton Express Group. “It therefore makes sense to align the Cryogenic Bulk tanker service to a company who offers a similar service,” he said, adding, “Well, the day has finally arrived and it gives me great pleasure to announce that Cryogas Express has been taken over by Onelogix United Bulk, a fast growing and dynamic specialised tanker service supplier and a division of the JSE listed OneLogix Group.”