In august of next year Taiyo Nippon Sanso, in conjunction with Nippon Steel, will put a liquid gas plant into operation, with a production capacity of 7000 m3/h.

The development is planned to cope with the increase in demand for liquid oxygen (LO) and nitrogen (LIN) in the Kyushu area and will involve the company dismantling one of its onsite production lines at its Kurosaki plant.

The joint investment venture will see the establishment of the company Yawata Kyodo Eksian, with Taiyo Nippon Sanso putting up 90 percent investment and Nippon Steel the remaining 10 percent. Nippon though, will handle the operation of the plant.

The dismantling of the liquefier at the Kurosaki plant will include Yawata Kyodo Eksian, capitalised at ¥10m, constructing a new plant as a replacement to meet wth the demand for liquid gas of Mitsubishi Chemical.

It is estimated that the investment for the liquefaction facility will amount to ¥2.5 bn, while the total LO and LIN production capacity levels are currently expected to be in the region of 7,000 m3/h.