Air Products and ITT Wedeco, the global water treatment, disinfection and oxidization company, have announced the signing of a Joint Marketing Agreement (JMA) to promote the companies' complementary ozone related products and expertise for use in the water and wastewater industries in North America and Brazil.

The venture will concentrate on water and wastewater processes including containerised oxygen-ozone systems, oxygen recovery systems and ozone based oxidation systems.

Mike McGettigan, general manager for ITT Wedeco Americas commented, $quot;ITT Wedeco is excited about signing this JMA with Air Products. This agreement brings real value to our customers. Through this relationship we are moving into adjacent applications and technologies beyond our traditional core products.$quot;

Mike McNallen, vice president of North America Gases at Air Products, also highlighted the strength that the combined marketing effort will provide, as he said, $quot;Air Products sees water treatment as an important growth for the company, building on our gases experience and expanding into new equipment-based solutions. Agreements and alliances like this are a key part of our growth strategy, and working with ITT Wedeco positions Air Products well for success in our water Systems business.$quot;

The companies are expected to provide more information about product offerings and capabilities at upcoming trade events including the World Congress on Ozone and Ultraviolet Technologies, to be held in Los Angeles in Late August.