Heat-treating company, JMA has enhanced its production capabilities at its Houston, Texas heat-treating facility with the help of a recent joint venture.

In its quest to enhance its production capabilities, JMA was able to take advantage of the innovative joint marketing relationship between Air Products and Surface Combustion to obtain a comprehensive, top of the line heat treating solution to satisfy its growing customer base.

In this instance, JMA was able to obtain the first of several pieces of heat-treating equipment through the joint marketing efforts of Air Products and Surface Combustion. This commercial arrangement enables fast moving companies to efficiently expand their operations by teaming-up with both Surface Combustion and Air Products. In addition to an atmosphere system that is already on-stream, JMA plans to start-up a new gas nitriding furnace. JMA is purchasing the industrial gases needed for its entire operation from Air Products.

James Arnold, president of JMA said: $quot;We needed top of the line heat treating equipment to be competitive and meet the need of a customer base that is increasing in size. We didn't want to purchase all the equipment at the same time, and the Air Products and Surface Combustion commercial approach allowed us the flexibility to expand while keeping our cash flow healthy.$quot;