2011 has been a busy period for Elme Messer Gaas. Further to the recent announcement to construct a new gas plant in Viavara, the company has now announced plans to upgrade its production capacities in Latvia.
Elme Messer Gaas, a joint venture between the Messer Group GmbH and BLRT Grupp, is set to build a new air separation unit and in doing so increase production output seven-fold. According to the firm, the growth was precipitated by the signing of a supply contract with Liepaja Metalurgs. The construction investment will enable Elme Messer Metalurgs to provide gaseous oxygen and nitrogen for metal production.
Elme Messer Gaas’ Director of Controls, Aleksandr Timarov, remarked, “The new agreement is important and interesting not only because of the growth of production capacities and long-term cooperation, but also because of unique innovative air separation technologies used in the process of modernisation.”
According to Timarov, the new project is expected to cost Elme Messer Gaas approximately EUR 20m. Of this sum, EUR 3m will be provided on subsidy terms by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA). Thanks to the investment, gas production will increase annually from 7m³ to 50m³.