Energy Innovation using Cryogenic Technologies

Jon Trembley, Technology Manager, Industrial Gases EMEA – Cryogenic Applications at Air Products PLC

Jon Trembley has been working in the industrial gas business for over 30 years, with almost all of his career focused on low temperature cryogenic applications. He obtained his degree in Mechanical Engineering and Production Engineering from Kingston University and joined Air Products UK in 1993 as a research engineer, and quickly progressed within the company’s Technology organisation.

Having worked in both Europe and North America, Trembley now leads a Cryogenic Technology Team with a focus on developing new and innovative cryogenic applications for Air Products from locations in Europe, North America and Asia.

An example of one development is the use of combined cold and power technology for transportation refrigeration applications.


Europe Industrial Gas Conference 2015

Day 2 - Session 4 - Operational Efficiency

11:45 Energy Innovation using Cryogenic Technologies