Joule, the pioneer of direct, solar recycling of CO2-to-liquid fuels, announced today that it has gained significant traction in the acceleration and commercialization of environmentally sustainable fuel. 

Joule closed out 2014 with major developments across the entire company, leading to the decision to undertake a staged industrialisation process, to culminate in a 1,000-acre production plant starting construction in 2017. This decision comes at a critical moment in global climate change marked by 2014 being the warmest year on the planet, further underscoring the need for large scale industrial companies to engage in rapidly enabling scalable CO2 mitigating solutions.

Joule has developed groundbreaking pathways for fuel production through modified biocatalysts and demonstrated production of both ethanol and diesel via engineered metabolic pathways.  In addition, during 2014, Joule systematically worked to ensure scalability of its process and completed successive end-to-end production of CO2-to-liquid fuels at its scaled demonstration facility in Hobbs, New Mexico. As an industry first, Joule has developed proprietary methods to effectively control contamination in its production process while showing increased efficiencies. 

The first end-to-end scaled production run, which took place in October following two years of pilot testing, produced significant and record-levels of ethanol. This pivotal event shows that conversion of CO2 directly to carbon-neutral fuels is possible in the near future, which would significantly impact humanity’s ability to combat climate change on a global scale.

“In addition to significant productivity improvements to our technology platform in the last 12 months, our first successful end-to-end runs that produced increasing quantities of ethanol are huge steps toward commercialisation,” said Tchuruk. “We’re looking forward to a busy and successful 2015 that will put Joule on the global map as a leader in delivering against its vision of creating a recycled CO2, clean, affordable drop-in fuel for a sustainable future.”

In 2015, Joule plans to establish a coalition of industrialisation partners: global brands with an increasing commercial need for CO2-recycled, carbon-neutral fuels.  These companies will join Audi, Joule’s existing strategic partner, and other collaborators to accelerate the development of carbon-neutral fuels at large scale. Joule will continue to showcase commercial scalability of its systems by expanding its facility in Hobbs, New Mexico and optimising its process with increasingly productive biocatalysts.  Stay tuned for more news on these programs and developments, which will be announced throughout 2015.