Output is now underway at a new small-scale LNG plant in Kingisepp, Russia, after adjustment works were completed at the facility built by private Russian company JSC Cryogas.

The LNG plant, which operates at a capacity of 7000 tonnes per year (tpy), was built in the town of Kingisepp in the Northwest region of the Russian Federation in 2008.

For JSC Cryogas, a part of the Polish group CP Energia S.A, start-up and adjustment works have now come to an end and LNG output has begun.

The small-scale plant was built at the site of the Vehicle Gas Filling Compressor station (VGFCS), where fuelling of vehicles with compressed natural gas (CNG) is carried out. Such a location enabled the company to overcome a few logistical difficulties, including the ‘parceling out of land’ for the plant construction, the security of supply of natural gas and electric energy, and the creation of an engineering infrastructure.

Capital expenses for construction were ‘sharply’ reduced as a result, with competitiveness of the manufactured product increased and design & construction of the plant actually carried out by JSC Cryogas itself.

The plant is built on the basis of a high pressure LNG unit and equipped with a Freon freezing machine, while the system of LNG storage consists of two vertical cryogenic tanks with a volume of 63m3 and cryogenic pump intended for LNG delivery in cryogenic LNG road tank.

Start-up and adjustment works saw the project characteristics and capacity of equipment confirmed, with product quality ensured and the contents of methane in the LNG not less than 95% (volumetric).

Produced LNG is delivered to consumers in the Northwest region of the Russian Federation and is exported to the Polish Republic, Finland and even as far as Germany.