Kaimeite Gases in China has recently released its interim results of 2014. Total revenue has increased by 39.71% from RMB 89.37m in first half of 2013 to RMB 124.86m in first half of 2014.

Operating profit has increased by 7.68% to RMB 21.51m. Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed company has also increased by 9.18% from RMB 25.44m in first half of 2013 to RMB 27.77m in the corresponding period in 2014. Net cash flow has drastically increased 287.70% to RMB 41.78m in the report period as compared with RMB 10.77m in 2013.


The company gives a breakdown in their income by region and by products:

Income by region:

Hunan RMB 10.31m

Hubei RMB 7.45m

Guangdong RMB31.37m

Anhui RMB 61.30m

Others RMB 14.31m

Income by products:

Liquid Carbon dioxide RMB 55.36m

Dry Ice RMB 3.27m

Nitrogen RMB 3.58m

Argon RMB 0.757m

Oxygen RMB 2.13m

Hydrogen RMB 20.72m

LPG RMB 29.59m

Pentane RMB 9.32m

The company commented that in the first half of 2014 it still faced a stringent economic climate, and they had adhered to the development strategies and business targets, and worked hard to overcome unfavorable results, accurately capitalised the industry development and market opportunities.

A statement from the management said, “Due to the unanimous endeavor of the management team and all the staff, the main business of the company continues to present a stable, sustainable and healthy development.”