Kaistar, a joint venture of Epistar Taiwan and China Electronics Corporation (CEC), is launching a new LED production facility with the help of high purity ammonia (NH3) supply from Linde LienHwa (LLH) China.

The agreement between the two companies is seen as LLH China further strengthening its commitment to LED manufacturing.

The companies are engaged in an exclusive gas supply agreement for bulk gases and NH3. LLH has signed the agreement with Kaistar to deliver bulk gases and NH3 to the latter’s new production facility in Xiamen, China.

Specialist high purity gases are crucial for the manufacture of LEDs. Ultra high-purity ammonia is used to ensure the highest quality LED devices. This is because oxygen-containing molecules such as moisture, even in trace quantities, can significantly reduce their light output.

Kaistar’s new facility will be constructed near to Linde’s recently established ultra-high purity ammonia plant in Xiamen, opened in 2010 to meet demand from the fast-growing Chinese LED industry. The facility is the first operating plant in China to produce ultra-high purity ammonia and will supply customers, such as Kaistar.

Linde’s ammonia purification plant guarantees security of supply to Kaistar’s new facility and to other LED manufacturers’ facilities as the growth of the local LED industry continues. The plant, which has an initial capacity of 500 tonnes per year, produces ultra-high purity ammonia at 7N (99.99999 percent) level.

LLH is The Linde Group’s joint venture with the LienHwa MiTAC Group of Taiwan.