Karbonsan Pressure Vessels Industry and Trading Co. is located in Orhangazi, Bursa, in northwest Turkey, just 20km away from Gemlik, Bursa port.

By means of this unique location, Karbonsan is able to transport high volume bulk storage tanks more easily, while the location provides many other advantages too.

Continuous progress
Karbonsan started its manufacturing life with cryogenic tanks, semi-trailers and rigid tankers for liquid nitrogen (LIN), liquid oxygen (LOX), liquid argon (LAR) and PUR insulated tanks, rigid tankers and semi-trailers for carbon dioxide (CO2).

Over the course of time, Karbonsan has added new products to its product range, such as tanks, semi-trailers and rigid tankers for cryogenic and liquid gases, petroleum products, foodstuff and chemicals, vaporators and vacuum insulated pipings, process tanks and tailor-made pressure vessels, heat exchangers and turnkey cylinder filling stations.

Higher capacity and customised storage tanks were added to this comprehensive product range in 2010.

Manufacturing mobile and storage tanks for cryogenics has been the core business of Karbonsan and the company intends to cover the entire cryogenic value chain in the future. Further still, Karbonsan intends to add ISO containers for industrial gases, chemicals and foodstuffs to its product range in 2011.

Proven performance
Karbonsan manufactures tanks ranging between 1.8m3 and 300m3. With its excellence in design and manufacture, the tanks manufactured by Karbonsan have proven their performance of insulation and competitive advantages for many customers around the world over the years.

Karbonsan has been manufacturing equipments for the chemical and petrochemical sector for many years. Process equipments and pressurised vessels such as buffer tanks, separators, heat exchangers, various liquid tanks, sand & water tanks, filtration tanks are manufactured through close cooperation with customers, to match their requirements and achieve complete satisfaction.

“As long as it is in our capability,” Karbonsan explains, “we are ready to cooperate for your custom designed tank and process equipment requests in compliance with the requested norm and standards.”

Considering their densities, cryogenic semi-trailers and truck mounted fixed chassis rigid tankers are designed for the maximised transport of liquefied cryogenic gases; LIN, LOX, LAR and LNG.

As the payload of semi-trailers has a substantial impact on profitability, Karbonsan strives to provide its customers with the highest possible capacity without compromising safety and durability. The shorter loading and unloading times, user-ergonomy, proven design and durable accessories provide exceptional advantages to semi-trailers and rigid tankers.

Karbonsan is capable of providing a complete range of services regarding its product range such as repair, maintenance, refurbishment, installation, training and consultancy. Periodical inspections, preventive and curative maintenance for customer tanks and tankers can be performed by Karbonsan technical staff in contract-based services or even upon request.

New location – New horizons
Karbonsan took a strategic decision and moved its old plant to Orhangazi in 2009, renewed the complete production line with state-of-the-art equipments used at pressure vessels manufacturing and in early 2010, started-up manufacturing at its new plant – built on an area of 70,000m2.

This unique location provides many advantages, while allowing the company to manufacture an even higher number of bulk storage tanks.

As an ISO 9001-2008 quality management system certified company, Karbonsan proudly offers its inspected and certified products to different corners of the world either directly or by means of distributors located in various countries.

All of its products are certified in accordance with many widely accepted world standards, as well as local certifications.