Pressure vessels manufacturer Karbonsan has appointed a new Chairman and Vice Chairman to its Board of Directors.

Part of the Aytemiz Group since his graduation in 1987, Turgay Karacalar has been appointed Chairman and Serdar Aytemiz, who joined Aytemiz Group as an engineer in 2000, has been appointed Vice Chairman.

“Karbonsan Pressure Vessels has been a valuable asset for the Aytemiz Group of Companies since its procurement in 2007. With Mr. Turgay Karacalar and Mr. Serdar Aytemiz, the company has achieved the success level we, as Aytemiz Group, desire to reach,” said Aytemiz Group Board of Directors.

Joining the company in 1987, Karacalar has served various roles throughout his career in other companies in the Aytemiz Group, starting as an accountant.

Later, he was appointed head of procurement in Karbogaz Carbondioxide and Industrial Gases and after the company’s sale to the Linde Group in 2006, he has served as Head of Business Development for Aytemiz Group.

Speaking about the new appointment, Karacalar, who has been actively working in Karbonsan Pressure Vessels since its acquisition of in 2007, said, “I am pleased and honoured to take on the role of Chairman.”

“I look forward to continuing to work with the company’s Board and Management Team to drive even greater adoption of Karbonsan Products in the global industrial market.”

Requested to return to Turkey from the US in 1999 by the Aytemiz Group, Aytemiz joined Karbogaz Carbondioxide and Industrial Gases as an engineer in 2000 following training in Spain on air separation plants.

For a short period, he served as head of engineering before the company was sold. In 2007, he worked in the packaging industry, designing moulds and automatic processes.

In 2008, he worked with Aytemiz Petroleum Company and in 2009, he moved on to Makelsan Uninterrupted Power Supply Company and worked as technical coordinator to develop the manufacturing lines for the company.

After joining Karbonsan in 2016, Aytemiz worked extensively on technical finance management and acted as Chief Financial Officer.

He is also the current Head of the Government sanctioned, Karbonsan Research and Development Center that he started in 2018.

Speaking on the new appointment of Vice Chairman, Aytemiz said, “I am honoured by the Board of Directors decision and continue my work to take the company to new heights. It is a privilege to work with such a fine team and the results speak for themselves.”