Earlier this year, Taiyo Nippon Sanso, appointed Yasunobu Kawaguchi as President for the firm, becoming the third president since the merger of five years ago.
In recent interviews, Kawaguchi has proved his commitment to forwarding the firm through scheduled planning. He told KK Gas Review magazine, “The first task I have to deal with is to create a mid-term 3 year business plan which is going to start next term. I want to work out a plan which will be linked to the next 50 years, or even the next 100 years, not putting a halt to the growth we have experienced up to now.”
In the more immediate future, Kawaguchi anticipates significant forthcoming investment. He explained, “For the 6th term, investment will exceed ¥350bn. This means we have invested an average of just under ¥60bn a year.” This contrasts with a lower average annual investment of ¥20-25bn prior to the merger. Consequently, under Kawaguchi’s Presidency, the company will be investing between two and three times as much funds.
TNSC’s new leader also offered specific ideas as to the location of investment. He plans to concentrate resources to growth fields and regions, as well as fortifying group management, expansion of M&A activities. Kawaguchi explained his intention to focus on these themes during the upcoming mid-term business plan.
Indeed, since the merger TNSC has enjoyed a fruitful period; installing three plants with a joint production capacity of 600 tonnes per day of liquid gas. Kawaguchi concluded by describing the need for a combined effort to continue this growth. He added, “I would like our entire group to put out its antennas so to speak, to detect new growth areas.”