KC LNG, Kosan Crisplant’s division under MAKEEN Energy dedicated to LNG solutions, has developed a new trailer-mounted manifold (TMM) which can bunker a ship with up to four truck simultaneously with an absolute minimum of emissions.

The “world first” trailer-mounted, low emission solution quadruples LNG bunkering capacity and reduces the bunkering time of LNG vessels by 75% compared to normal truck to ship bunkering. 

The solution designed by KC LNG on the request of PrimaLNG, part of SHV Energy.

“This new solution is everything we could have hoped for. Our customers’ ships now spend much less time at the dock and more time in open waters, which frees up a lot of resources for them,” said PrimaLNG.

“In terms of safety and convenience, it also opens many possibilities for us. Mow we can offer our customers more efficient, safe and smart LNG bunkering.” 

Costing a faction of a permanent bunkering installation, KC LNG’s manifold can be easily moved wherever it is needed – on the road or lifted onto the ship.

TMM Operational

Source: KC LNG