From bulk liquid storage and transportation to high pressure cylinder filling, Ctr Inc. is a full-service provider covering a wide range of equipment for the industrial gas market. The Rock Hill, South Carolina-based company offers engineered products from standard equipment to fully customized solutions, and also has a team of field service technicians for installation or repair services. Whether it is automated control systems to operate critical industrial- and medical-gas refill stations, cryogenic trailer repairs, cryogenic bulk tanks for rehabilitation and sale, or high-pressure cylinder manifolds, CTR Inc. has been keeping customers happy since 1993.

Source: CTR

Jeff Winegar, owner and President of CTR, took time out to explain a little about the latest developments at the company, and how it has been providing some vital services for medical customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

How does CTR Inc. support the industrial gases market, and what is the company’s history?

Jeff Winegar, owner and President of CTR (JW): CTR Inc. began after building eighteen years of industry relationships working in the packaged gas and cryogenic sections of the industry. We began 28 years ago with a business model consisting of site service and repairs. It was obvious almost immediately that there was an industry need for customer station vessel and trailer repairs. This led to opening a facility in Charlotte, North Carolina later in the first year of operation. We grew into a full rehabilitation facility within the second year.

CTR Inc. soon began designing and building fill plant equipment due to my background. With always being open-minded and looking for ways to improve plant equipment efficiencies, the product line grew quickly into CTR Inc. becoming one of the few full-service package gas equipment and controls engineering design and installation companies.

CTR Inc.’s capabilities range from storage vessel and trailer rehabs, manual and automated cylinder filling plant equipment, to fully customized PLC programming custom designed products.

Source: CTR

Can you highlight some company milestones that you are particularly proud of?

JW: Purchasing the facility that CTR Inc. currently occupies in Rock Hill, South Carolina in 1996 allowed for substantial growth of the company, and earning the trust and respect in the industry as a reliable source for our customers.

Focusing now on the present day, can you tell us about some projects that CTR Inc. is currently working on?

JW: We are currently developing a prototype for a revolutionary design for safer and more efficient means of filling liquid cylinder dewars. This will be available to the industry in the early first quarter of 2022.

Can you tell us a little more about CTR Inc.’s product offering and the markets that these products serve?

JW: We offer a wide variety of products including in-house engineering, design, manufacturing, repair of mobile and stationary cryogenic vessels, in addition to high-pressure filling equipment, and UL-listed PLC controls for cryogenic pumps and filling systems. We service the industrial gas market as well as aerospace, chemical, and manufacturing industries.

Which products are you most popular at the moment? Why is this?

JW: We are fortunate to have designed the most reliable, user-friendly, serviceable medical equipment possible that has played a key role in our current pandemic across the country.

gasworld understands that CTR Inc.’s capabilities also include trailer rehabilitation. Can you tell us a little more about why this is so important? Is trailer rehabilitation popular?

JW: Trailer rehabilitation is a major part of CTR Inc.’s portfolio of work. Our customers are very comfortable relying on CTR to provide services to distribute molecules in as safe a manner as possible, and economically to help see constant growth within. CTR Inc. currently offers everything from small repairs to full rehabs.

What market trends is CTR Inc. currently noticing?

JW: Our offerings in the LNG, hydrogen and medical markets all are currently trending very well. We foresee that to remain very consistent for the near future.

What shifts in demand have you seen this year? Is demand for medical gas-related products still strong, or has it tapered off?

JW: This year, CTR Inc. is and has worked very diligently to ensure parts are available so that our equipment offerings maintain the lead time required to provide everyone with their immediate required needs, especially in the medical field. This need has seen very high demands throughout the last two years.

Looking ahead, what do you think the focuses will be for the company and the wider market next year?

JW: As it has been since the inception of CTR Inc., our focus will remain on growth from within to consistently provide the best options in our portfolio to our customers for all their needs. CTR Inc. will continue to build upon our past and present business culture striving for improvement at all times.