Airgas, Inc. will support the 2016 Boston Marathon by donating breathing oxygen (O2) for medical tents during the race on Monday, April 18.

Airgas o2 cylinder group boston marathon

“We are honored and excited for the opportunity to support the Boston Marathon and the more than 30,000 runners who will participate in this year’s race,” said Joseline Dagher, District Manager – Boston.

“Airgas is a longtime partner of many Boston-area hospitals and local medical facilities. We are known for our supply chain reliability and for going above and beyond for our customers, which is particularly important in the medical field. We are proud to demonstrate our service and support at the Boston Marathon and we wish all of the incredible athletes racing this year the best of luck.”

“We are excited to have Airgas on board for this year’s Marathon,” said Chris Troyanos, Medical Coordinator for the Boston Athletic Association. “Each year, we have several hundred athletes who require some form of O2 therapy throughout the event, and Airgas’ contribution helps ensure that our medical tents will be fully stocked for any of the runners’ needs.”

Airgas will provide roughly $5,600 worth of O2 to the medical tent. In addition to breathing O2, the company’s medical offering also includes liquid O2, liquid nitrogen (N2), and medical carbon dioxide (CO2).