Kitajima Sanso, a medical gas distributor, has built a new medical oxygen filling plant in Myanmar. The plant is set to start full-scale production and sales for regional medical institutions from December (2019).

The new plant, equipped with two cryogenic gas storage tanks of 20 and 10 tonnes, will carry out the same hygiene management levels as plants in Japan as there are currently no high pressure and medical cylinder regulations in Myanmar, explained The Gas Review. 

Kitajima Sanso is now part of a team creating a standard for medical gases in the country, as requested by the Ministry of Health of Myanmar. Kitajima Sanso is also conducting activities and seminars in collaboration with hospitals to decrease accidents regarding cylinders for medical use.

“We wish to contribute to upgrading of the level to supply medical gases in Myanmar basing on the new plant from which we can supply medical gases of quality similar to those available in Japan,” said Hiroko Shinohara, President of Kitajima Sanso.

“We intend to train the local workers regarding safety and hygiene management so that they may be confident and proud of the important job which closely related to the lifetime,” said Shinohara.

In the field of medical gas supply, Kitajima Sanso has established its own control management system named Kitahima ROC (Responsible Oxygen Cycle).