Chart Ferox and project partner PPS Pipeline Systems GmbH were on-site to witness the successful first LNG delivery at the Klaipedos Nafta terminal.

Chart and PPS pipeline engineering teams were commissioning the cryogenic section of the plant when the bunker vessel CARDISSA, owned by Shell Western LNG B.V, offloaded the first product at the Lithuanian terminal and successfully filled two of the five Chart engineered and built ‘Decinske Giant’ cryogenic storage tanks with LNG.


Source: Chart Ferox

In a statement, Mindaugas Jusius, Klaipedos Nafta’s Managing Director, stressed the importance of this key milestone in the testing of the complete infrastructure that sends a strong signal to the market that small-scale LNG distribution from the terminal is a reality.

Chart’s Projects Director said he was extremely satisfied with the events at the site so far, adding, “I am delighted that the successful fuelling demonstrates the strength of the Chart and PPS consortium’s ability to handle major LNG infrastructure projects.”

“We’d already fully tested all elements of the cryogenic section, including the five cryogenic storage tanks and other equipment components, with liquid nitrogen (N2) prior to the CARDISSA’s arrival, so we were confident that the transfer would be executed without a major hitch. However, it’s still extremely satisfying when everything goes according to plan.”

It is currently forecast that all phases of the LNG reloading station’s commissioning works will be completed by the end of the autumn and commercial operations launched before the end of 2017.