KNF has introduced its new FK 1100 diaphragm liquid pump, for gentle, low-pulsation flow.

The pump’s 12 L/min flow rate doubles KNF’s previous maximum for liquid diaphragm pumps. The pump is robust, adjustable, and offered in a variety of application-friendly materials.

The FK 1100 has only one inlet and one outlet, despite having three diaphragms. These are offset by 120° from each other while connected in parallel, resulting in low pulsation and minimal shear forces.

The pump has a highly durable design with a die-cast aluminium housing and high-torque motor options that provide continuous operation with up to 87 psig back pressure.


Source: KNF

The pump is self-priming with a 13.5 inHg suction height. It is able to run dry, reducing the need for additional equipment, offering more flexibility in planning, and allowing for faster and easier system integration.

Versions are available in a variety of carefully selected materials, such as NSF-certified materials for food applications and chemically resistant elastomers. Customers can also choose between different drives, such as brushless DC or single-phase AC motors.

Applications for the FK 1100 include transfer, recirculation, temperature management, and aspiration of liquids in a variety of industries: industrial inkjet printing, cleaning and disinfection, fuel cell, medical device, lab equipment, chemical and agriculture, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, computers/electronics, semiconductor, and solar energy.