The past financial year has been a difficult one for Koatsu Gas Kogyo. The Japanese company, established in 1958, began operation specialising in acetylene sales.
Since then the company has extended, but despite growing success, the recent 2010 fiscal term has seen a significant decline in both sales and operating profit.
During the period, sales were down by 15.5%, while operating profit fell by 22.8%. Meanwhile ordinary profit fell by 18.2%, and net profit reduced to a lesser extent by 7.5%. During the same period in 2009 the company enjoyed sales of ¥ 73,975m; this corresponded to sales of ¥62,445m in 2010.
According to KK Gas Review, the upcoming term calls for a 0.8% increase in sales to ¥63bn. Similarly, the national publication noted that operating profit ought to rise by 7% to 3.4bn, and ordinary profit up by 2.6% reaching ¥3.8bn. Finally, the magazine advised that profit should risen by 1.7%, equating to a profit of ¥2.1bn.