Kobe Steel, Ltd. has become the first Japanese manufacturer to sell hydrogen (H2) compressors and other associated equipment for H2 refuelling stations overseas.

In cooperation with California-based Kobelco Compressors America, Inc., Kobe Steel has started marketing its HyAC mini-A, an all-in-one, compact compressor unit for H2 refuelling stations in the US.

Kobe steel's hy ac mini a

Source: Kobe Steel

Kobe Steel’s HyAC mini-A.

The updated unit is the next device in Kobe Steel’s HyAC series and has been specifically designed for the US market.

Consisting of a high-pressure H2 compressor and a refrigerator together with a high-pressure storage tanks unit and a dispenser, the filling pressure of the updated machine has been raised to 87.5 MegaPascals (MPa) to meet US fuelling protocol.

The HyAC mini-A produces a total capacity of 340 Nm3 per hour and is equipped with a remote monitoring system.

In addition, its footprint is 10% smaller than its predecessor, the HyAC mini, which has been circulated in Japan since 2014.

Kobe Steel established a comprehensive test centre for H2 fuelling station developments at its Takasago Works in western Japan in March 2016. The facility tests a variety of operating patterns and verifies fuelling simulations.