Leading Serbian gases company Kryooprema has announced a breakthrough in Bulgaria, with the commissioning of the first ever acetylene production plant in the country.

The plant, which is owned and operated by Asenovgrad-based company Calcit AD, was commissioned by Kryooprema on 1st April 2010.

Calcit AD is a producer of calcium carbide used for the production of acetylene, but it’s thought that through both a desire to diversify its activities and the potential to sell acetylene rather than just the raw materials, the company opted to operate its own production plant.

That decision was taken around two years ago and with Kryooprema’s help, the company has now welcomed the commissioning of Bulgaria’s first acetylene production facility. The plant has a capacity is 40Nm3/h of acetylene.

Know-how and expertise for the plant was provided by Serbian company KryoGas, of Belgrade, while engineering, supervision, commissioning and the delivery of the cryogenic equipment was provided by fellow Serbian company Kryooprema.

Gasworld is assured from a source close to Kryooprema, that the plant is of simple and reliable operation, installed with all the equipment and parameters in the acetylene production process visible at the same time, and meeting strict safety standards with its effective ventilation.