Involved in the production of cryogenic, vacuum and processing equipment, the strategy of Kryooprema is to play an important role in the field of cryogenics – by offering quality standardised and custom-made products and services to the industrial gas companies and other customers in industry.

Since its foundation 15 years ago, Kryooprema has been representing a great support to the private industrial gas distribution companies in the region as it provides transportable tanks, cylinder filling plants, cryobiology laboratories, cylinder maintenance, and other cryogenic equipment.

Many of the company’s products have been built to match the transportation fleets of its customers. For the scientific community for example, the company has manufactured many cryogenic and vacuum systems for various experiments in physics. Moreover, its reputation throughout the scientific community led Kryooprema to be chosen for equipment supply to the LHC at CERN, Switzerland.

Production programme
Kryooprema specialises in the storage, transport, vaporization and distribution of cryogenic fluids, as well as custom-made cryogenic equipment, repair and refurbishment.

The company also manufactures standard vacuum components and custom-made vacuum chambers and vacuum systems for various purposes – such as experimental physics, food and the pharmaceutical industry. Processing equipment such as autoclaves, mixers, and duplicators comprise part of the company’s production programme too.

Projects, production and export
Kryooprema is active in a range of engineering projects, such as cylinder filling plants, acetylene plants, workshops for the maintenance of cylinders, cryobiology laboratories, and LPG and CNG stations. At present, the company transfers its acetylene production technology and know-how to Bulgaria.

In fact, the company based its production on outsourcing for all manufacturing operations and services which do not require special skills and machines connected to the cryogenic and vacuum equipment. Since the company is situated in the industrial region of Serbia, such outsourcing helps the company benefit from the lower investments in assets, human resource needs, and favourable prices of components and services.

Favourable too is the export-oriented business, with almost all income of company sales derived from the export of cryogenic and vacuum equipment. Kryooprema targeted the EU and neighbouring countries in the region for export sales in 2009, with cryogenic equipment and services exported to Bulgaria, Switzerland, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Albania.

Future plans
In order to keep pace with the requirements imposed on the cryogenic equipment manufacturers by industrial gas companies, and preserve its position as leader in the region’s cryogenic equipment manufacture, Kryooprema has invested in additional production premises and equipment.

In addition to increasing exports into the EU, and the education of company staff to answer to market needs, the improvement of product quality is one of the main objectives for the future.

Furthermore, participation at specialised fairs, presenting the company and its dedicated services to the customer, is one of Kryooprema’s goals for future success. To that end, the company exhibited at ACHEMA 2009 in Frankfurt last year.

Kryooprema is certified to ISO 9001, EN ISO 3834-3 and AD 2000-Merkblatt HP 0 designs and manufactures equipment conforming to PED (CE) and TPED () EU Directives. Kryooprema is in fact the first Serbian company to receive CE and markings.

Special Projects
The company designs and manufactures, on request, special equipment and systems out of either stainless steel or aluminium. An example is its aforementioned delivery to CERN in Switzerland, of two sets of stainless steel ‘A’ frames for support of the neutron shields for the LHC Project.

In addition, the plasma physics experimental research at the Faculty of Physics in Belgrade was the basis for the participation of Serbian physicists in the International Thermonuclear Research Reactor (ITER) Project, in Cadarche, France.

The experimental system was subsequently designed, manufactured and tested by Kryooprema.