The Liberal Democrats have published a pre-election manifesto, which includes a Green Transport Bill - which an Air Products manager has expressed their disappointment over.

The Bill proposes that only low emission vehicles should be allowed on the roads by 2040 along with measures to help establish a full network of charging points for battery electric vehicles.

The plans will be voted on by members at the upcoming Liberal Democrat Party Conference in Glasgow and could become party policy if approved.

Diana Raine, European Business Manager, Hydrogen Energy Systems at Air Products, the leading supplier of hydrogen fuelling and re-fuelling equipment and infrastructure in the UK, comments, “The Green Transport Bill proposed by the Liberal Democrats underlines that the reduction of emissions from road transport will be an important policy area in the run-up to the General Election. While it is encouraging to see the Liberal Democrats propose a number of measures to support the uptake of low carbon vehicles, it is disappointing that these only relate to battery-electric vehicles.”

“A range of technologies will be required in the transition away from conventionally-fuelled road transport. Hydrogen-powered vehicle technology is proven and ready to be used now. It is not a fuel of the future, it is a fuel for today and, with the right support, it has the potential to de-carbonise the transport sector, with little sacrifice to transport performance.”

“For the transition from current transport technology to low-emission alternatives to materialise, political parties must commit to supporting a range of technologies, including hydrogen. This will require further investment - not only for the vehicles themselves, but for the fuelling infrastructure that will support their rollout.”

gasworld contacted the Liberal Democrats, requesting comment on Air Products’ views expressed on the manifesto, but “no one was available to provide a response.”