Following a reduction in trade during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, US energy firm Lane Power and Energy Solutions (Lane Power) has seen its sales skyrocket as hydrogen and carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) dominate the conversation around transition to a net-zero emission future.

Experts in developing and operating hard rock and salt cavern storage, Lane’s sales spike is no surprise given the global push towards preparing for a hydrogen-powered future and an elimination of harmful CO2 emissions.

As the Earth’s most abundant mineral, hydrogen has been utilised in industry for more than 100 years. According to Mike Tritt, President & CEO, Lane Power, the potential for hydrogen is now seen mainly in power generation, transportation fuel and as an off-road fuel source for construction and mining vehicles.

He continued, “All problems with hydrogen (regardless of the application being studied) can be solved by technological advances. There is a great deal of discussion about creating hydrogen hubs and, if they are built, they will need storage.”

Tritt’s expertise in underground storage and hydrogen recently sought by the Secretary of Energy who appointed him to the National Petroleum Council.

He added that the scaling up of technology can solve any problem that occurs with hydrogen. Regarding hydrogen hubs, he said if they are built then they will need storage.

Another topic being discussed is ammonia. As a suitable hydrogen carrier in its liquid state, Lane Power is ready to take on the challenge of storing liquid ammonia.

Commenting on the addition to the H2-CCS Network, Tom Gellrich, Founder, H2-CCS Network, said, “Lane is great company for this new platform designed for companies and individuals involved with hydrogen and carbon capture sequestration.”

In addition to the company’s prowess in CCS and hydrogen, Lane Power’s storage capabilities for natural gases has also proven its worth, being a saviour during the last cold Texas winter.

Tritt concluded by saying that he’s pleased to see hydrogen R&D being buffeted by billions of dollars injected into the industry by President Biden’s administration.