Suzhou Jinhong Gas recently announced that its ultra-high purity (UHP) ammonia gas production plant has been completed and put into commercial operation. The plant is located at the electronic specialty gas production centre of its headquarters in Suzhou.

With a production capacity of 1500 tonnes per year, this is the largest UHP ammonia plant in China. State-of-the-art technologies of purification, filling and quality analysis are adopted to meet customer requirements, gasworld has been told.

The total investment of the project is RMB 50 million yuan (US$7.6m approx.) and the product purity reaches 7N (99.99999%). It will improve customer supply reliability and reduce customer manufacturing costs.

UHP ammonia is mainly used in light-emitting diodes (LEDs), flat panel displays (FPD), semiconductors and crystalline silicon solar cells and other high-tech industries.

Jinhong Gas can supply customers with different requirements of packaging (including ISO tank). Further still, if the customer needs a large quantity of UHP ammonia (mainly the LED industry), Jinhong Gas can further provide the client with on-site gas supply system in order to create greater value for the customers.

The FPD industry and crystalline silicon solar cells industry have been developed and booming for years and the consumption of UHP ammonia is already very large. The LED industry is still growing rapidly at present, and the level of investment in 2009 and the first half of 2010 is more than the total investment over the past few decades.

At present, the market demand for specialty gases is growing, and the specialty gas industry keeps developing, Jinhong Gas has managed to implement the UHP ammonia project with its own efforts after a year of unremitting efforts of independent research and development. Supply of UHP ammonia in China was mainly imported and the commissioning of their plant will certainly change the picture.

Xianghua JIN, the Managing Director of Jinhong Gas, commented, “The commissioning of our plant is no doubt a major milestone for the upgrading of the industry and technological progress. It also reduces costs to enhance the market competitiveness of Chinese products.”

“Jinhong Gas will continue to enhance the capability of independent innovation and accelerate the localisation of specialty gases manufacturing, to boost the development of local high-tech industries. Over the years, Jinhong Gas is working hard towards its goal of establishing the benchmark of domestic gas industry and a national brand. I believe with the continuous consolidation of the experience and expansion of Jinhong Gas, we will lead the advancement of the gas industry in China,” JIN concluded.