L.A. Turbine (LAT), headquartered in Valencia, California, has promoted Chad Maccanelli to Customer Service and Experience Manager and reflects on its successful turboexpander briefings and machine demonstrations. 

Since 2013, Maccanelli has earned a reputation for being responsive, knowledgeable and committed to providing excellent customer service to clients. In his expanded role, Maccanelli will ensure each and every touchpoint with customers meets and exceeds their expectations. LAT’s goal is to build a long-term relationship built on responsiveness, trust and confidence resulting in complete customer satisfaction whether it be in addressing a general inquiry, providing turboexpander troubleshooting or responding to an equipment crisis.

In his new role, Maccanelli will provide immediate response and support for urgent matters; he will provide complimentary consultative service, performance evaluations, turboexpander troubleshooting, equipment and operating guidance, or crisis intervention; and he will give ongoing value via innovative design solutions for commonly occurring and ongoing aftermarket problems uncovered with turboexpander equipment and processes.

Roadshow recap

After 3,600 miles and five weeks on tour, the ARES AMB Roadshow is complete. LAT would like to thank its 125+ guests representing 50+ companies involved in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) as well as gas processing end-users for attending the private turboexpander briefings and machine demonstrations in Houston, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma this fall.

LAT believes customer interest is high. Several AMB machines are now in production and several new orders are on the books. Place your order now for ARES AMB and oil bearing turboexpanders for 60-300MMSCFD gas processing plants. Contact Troy O’Steen to discuss which turboexpander solution best fits your need.

L.A. Turbine is offering the ARES AMB Turboexpander for midstream LNG gas processing plants of 60-300MMSCFD at the same price point as the oil bearing option. How? Through a partnership with Waukesha Magnetic Bearings, the ARES AMB Turboexpander features the industry’s first on-skid AMB controller. The purchase price is just the start, though. Benefits of the ARES AMB Turboexpander also include lower installation costs, lower maintenance costs and lower operating costs.

Advanced active magnetic bearing (AMB) technologies for the turboexpander.

Advanced active magnetic bearing (AMB) technologies for the turboexpander.

Source: L.A. Turbine

Lower your installation costs

AMB systems use electromagnetic forces instead of lubrication to transmit loads. Eliminating the bearing lubrication system eliminates costly auxiliary equipment and reduces the equipment footprint. The on-skid AMB controller also reduces installation costs compared to conventional AMB systems. With a conventional AMB machine, the controller would be housed in a control building and connected to the skid by expensive cabling running up to 500 m in length. Costs are incurred for the cables, their design and installation. Moreover, OEM testing is typically not performed with the job cables, requiring recommissioning of the AMB system at the end user site. 

Having the AMB control and unit control integrated onto the skid simplifies the plant design, eliminates the cost of the expensive cables, and means that when the equipment is delivered to the end user site, it is ready for use.

Active magnetic bearings are virtually maintenance free. While wear in conventional bearings can limit the bearing life, either in running hours or in the number of start/stop cycles, AMBs do not experience wear. AMBs also eliminate the high maintenance costs, and subsequent downtime, associated with lubrication systems.

Moreover, magnetic bearing system intelligence provides a wealth of information on rotor forces and system stability. This information, combined with advanced control algorithms and remote connectivity, allow for equipment monitoring, diagnostics and tuning, without having a specialist on-site.

LAT’s ARES AMB Turboexpander-Compressor includes a Zephyr® 5-axis controller. This advanced digital controller features an Automated Commissioning function that further reduces costs by reducing the need for specialist support. Automated Commissioning provides a consistent, repeatable process that is faster than manual management.

Lower your operating costs

A reduced need for on-site maintenance – or any maintenance – ultimately increases machine reliability and availability. Downtime is not an option and this is another reason L.A. Turbine chose Waukesha’s magnetic bearing system, as they have achieved 99.9% availability.

AMB systems provide energy savings too. Their lack of wear and lack of contact creates very low friction, reducing bearing losses and improving efficiency. Eliminating the oil system eliminates the possibility of lubricant contaminating the process, which can degrade heat transfer and degrade process efficiency. AMB systems maintain their precise performance over time.