Cryogas M&T Poland announced that their latest fuelling station for natural gas vehicles, featuring Chart’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) technology, is fully operational.

The facility, located near Srem in Poland but designed and built at the Chart Ferox centre in Decin, Czech Republic, possesses a modular skidded design and an integrated LNG dispenser. Chart’s subsidiary Flow Instruments GmbH provided metering technology and fellow subsidiary GOFA designed and built the semi-trailer fleet used to replenish LNG stock.

The station’s primary function is to fuel the city’s fleet of refuse trucks but also includes a facility to provide compressed natural gas (CNG) for cars and LNG for high horsepower heavy duty vehicles.

This adds further strings to Chart’s bow after it announced in December last year that a Chart Ferox supplied LNG/LCNG fuelling station in Warsaw, Poland, appropriately celebrated a milestone with its 2,000th bus fill. In three months of operation, the station successfully dispensed around 300 tonnes of LNG.

Last month Chart also publicized that its OrcaTM technology had been deployed in a pilot project by Teck Resources Limited (Teck) for the use of LNG as a fuel alternative to diesel in high horsepower engines.