Witt Gas Techniques, the gas safety, control, mixing and analysis equipment supplier, has launched its new F100-17N-ES flame arrestor for use with hydrogen and other corrosive gases in a variety of applications including flame spraying techniques.

With a maximum working pressure of 17 bar and designed for the chemical and process technology industries, the company’s new device is able to provide a great improvement in safety and protection for the operator and this user’s equipment.

At only 48mm in diameter and 101mm long, the device is installed in the gas pipeline at the tapping point and extinguishes any flashback from reaching the gas supply. In addition o the flame arrestor, the F100-17N-ES has an integrated temperature controlled cut-off valve, which automatically prevents the flow of gas when the operating temperature reaches 1050C. The standard operating temperature range is -100C to 600C.

As additional features, a temperature sensitive cut-off valve extinguishes sustained flashbacks before the internal temperature reaches a critical point and a spring loaded non-return valve prevents any slow or sudden back flow of gas forming an explosive mixture in the gas supply.