Cambridge Sensotec, a gas analyser manufacturing company, has offered its latest model to help measure oxygen (O2) levels in combustion processes.

The UK-based business has launched its Rapidox 2100 O2 gas analyser – designed to provide fast and accurate analysis over the range 1ppm to 100%. 

It is fitted with an external zirconia O2 sensor and is ideally suited for use within high-temperature vacuum applications.

The new model is targeting industries that employ combustion methods, such as the engineering, manufacturing and metallurgy sectors, where they use heated environments like furnaces and ovens or fuel and combustion laboratories.

A range of optional pressure, vacuum and dew point fittings enable the Rapidox to be connected to apparatus conveniently and quickly. The Rapidox 2100 is available in a range of configurations including wall mounted and OEM for seamless integration into product or process.