Air Products’ proven record in the mass transit industry has secured a new hydrogen fuelling station contract in Flint, Michigan. Sorensen Gross Construction Services has signed-up Air Products to build a new hydrogen fuelling station.

“This agreement continues to reinforce our leadership in the evolution of mass transit,” said Bob Kelly, Business Development Manager for Hydrogen Energy Systems at Air Products. “Air Products has a proven record of working with the mass transit industry and is selected for these types of projects because of its technical capabilities in design and, specifically, its record of executing major projects in a safe and timely manner.”

The facility will be used to power Flint’s Mass Transportation Authority (MTA) hydrogen fuel cell bus. According to the contract, Air Products will supply hydrogen compression, storage and dispensing technology, while the hydrogen itself will be generated from an electrolyser provided by Proton OnSite.

Ghassan Saab, CEO at Sorensen Gross described his enthusiasm at the partnership, “Sorensen Gross is excited to be part of a team that will bring the future of transportation fuel to our community. We are particularly pleased to be collaborating with Air Products, the MTA, and other team members in this endeavor as they are all leaders in their fields who will bring great expertise to this project.”

The latest contract demonstrates a growing uptake for hydrogen-fuelled public transport. Equally, it reinforces Air Products’ footing as a hydrogen leader in North America. Indeed, earlier this year, the company demonstrated its popularity in this emerging energy sector when it began the commercial fuelling of a 25–strong fleet of hydrogen powered forklifts.

Proton OnSite, providers of the hydrogen electrolyser at Flint, emphasised the combinative nature of hydrogen contracts such as this. Robert Friedland, President and CEO for the Connecticut firm remarked, “Proton OnSite is pleased to be working with Air Products and the MTA in Flint, Michigan to showcase our industry leading, onsite hydrogen generation fueling product.”

“This kind of joint public and private enterprise involving global leaders in industrial gases and onsite hydrogen generation, coupled with a forward-thinking transit agency like Flint’s MTA, is crucial in helping the United States move beyond fossil fuels. We want to help enable more fueling options, those that are affordable, clean and reliable. When commuters start riding this bus next spring, they will be supporting a big step for Flint and this country overall in terms of the available fuel options.”