The Precision Fluidics Division of the Parker Hannifin Corporation has released its new VSO® MAX HP miniature high flow proportional valve to the market.

The latest instrument from the motion and control technology developer consumes 25% less power than other comparable miniature proportional valves, as it uses less than 2 watts of power.


Parker hannifin vso max hp miniature valve

Additionally, it provides maximum flow capabilities greater than 200 standard litres per minute (SLPM) at 45 psi, and is aimed for ventilators, insufflators and anaesthesia delivery machines in medical applications.

It is fully RoHS compliant and has an operating pressure of up to 120 psi, eliminating the need for an inlet regulator and creating a smaller, mor compact, medical device design.

A press release from the US-based company stated, “If maximum flow with less power is needed, Parker’s VSO MAX HP can deliver.”