Gothenburg, Sweden, has announced plans to build common infrastructure for the transportation of liquid carbon dioxide that is extracted through carbon capture technologies.

The project titled CinfraCap is a collaboration between Swedish companies Gothenburg Energi, Nordion Energi, Preem, St1, Renova and Gothenburg Hamn AB.

A preliminary study for the project has already started to examine the possibility of interim storage and transporting two million tonnes of captured carbon dioxide per year from plant to quay.

To achieve this, a functioning infrastructure is required on site, says ElvirDzanic, CEO of Gothenburg Harbor AB and one of the collaborative partners for the joint infrastructure project CinfraCap.

The project partners hope to develop an optimal logistics and infrastructure solution for CCS on a larger, industrial scale and hope to ensure connection to other CCS projects are secured.

Karin Lundqvist, Business Developer, Preem commented, “We will start CinfraCap in Western Sweden, but the idea is that we will share both experience and business model around open infrastructure for captured carbon dioxide to other stakeholders both in Sweden and abroad.

“We have team up with strong players who all share the ambition to bring down climate-impacting emissions here and now an open system also enables other industries and players to join easily and cost-effectively, which means a great social benefit with the project.”