LDetek has unveiled an automatic version of its gas dilution system.

The Quebec,Canada-based company recently confirmed the product launch as part of an effort to make the production of blends of gas down to ppt levels both achievable and cost-effective.

Precise blends of gas mixtures are essential for calibrating the high-precision gas analysers and chromatographs such as those used in the electronics and semiconductor industries.

With that in mind, the LDGDSA gives operators the opportunity to produce these gas blends on demand, saving both time and costs for calibrations and routine maintenance.

The LDetek LDGDSA Automatic Gas Dilution System is controlled via LDetek’s LDChroma interface software. To achieve the desired gas mixture, operators simply enter the desired value and the dilution system automatically adjusts the flow and dilution ranges.

Software integrated into the system allows full automation and the operator can control the process remotely. Further to that, the LDGDSA integrates with LDetek’s MulitDetek2 Gas Chromatograph to make use and operation even easier.


Source: LDetek

“The new dilution system features a pneumatic shut off diaphragm valve which isolates the gas when the unit is on standby. This not only reduces gas wastage but also increases the speed of the start-up purge, meaning the unit is ready to use quickly,” LDetek said.

“Gas blends with parts per trillion components are easily achievable with bypass pressure controllers.”

“The LDGDSA also features high dynamic flow & dilution ranges which are capable of feeding more than one instrument, allowing the gas dilution system to be fully utilised across several applications. An optional integrated diaphragm selection valve for two streams allows two span inlets and two zero inlets.”

LDetek continued, “The different gas types and flow tables are easily managed in the LDChroma interface. This allows the LDGDSA to operate effectively as two units in one, not only saving on capital investment but also reducing the number of operations required.”