LDetek’s LD8000 MultiGas Analyzer has been selected by a leading manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries to monitor the purity of argon used as a protective atmosphere.

During the battery manufacturing process, it is crucial to purge the air of oxygen and nitrogen impurities, in addition to maintaining low levels of moisture in the inert gas in order to prevent unwanted reactions.

The LD8000’s advanced monitoring technology allows the device to accurately monitor all the parameters in a single unit. This technology includes LDetek’s patented Plasma Emission Detector (PED), which can measure nitrogen impurities in a continuous argon gas stream.



In addition to nitrogen, oxygen impurities and trace moisture can be measured using Nton’s Senz-Tv Oxygen Transmitter and the Michell Easidew Dew-Point Transmitter.

Available in a 3U or 4U rack mount chassis for easy integration into existing processes, the LD8000 MultiGas is capable of mixing and matching the best of the technologies available from the PST brands. This permits the device to be tailored to applications with highly specific requirements.

Both the humidity and oxygen trace impurities are measurable in a broad range of background gases, despite the PED measuring exclusively in argon or helium.

Michell’s Quartz Crystal Microbalance trace moisture sensor can also be selected as an option, in addition to the Easidew Dew-Point Transmitter.