Changes in executive leadership have taken effect at Taylor-Wharton in a bid to increase opportunities for growth and international expansion.

On January 1, alterations in the work force were put in place with a view to concentrating the company’s executive resources in leadership roles in the business sectors, presenting more opportunity for growth.

Robert E. Gadomski, Taylor-Wharton International’s CEO, announced the changes, noting the need for increased profitability in this unpredictable spell.

He said, “The leadership changes at TWI will position our executive talent in roles that will place our business units in the best position to improve profitability and strengthen market share as we meet the challenges of the unusual business conditions currently facing the industrial gas and propane markets.”

Stuart Jara has been promoted to President of the Taylor-Wharton Divisions for both cylinders and cryogenics, Hoyt Fitzsimmons has been appointed as Vice President of Business Development, Mike Larsen has been appointed as Vice President and General Manager of Taylor-Wharton Cylinders LLC, and Ted Reilly has been appointed as Vice President and General Manager for American Welding and Tank LLC.

It is believed the experience and skills of these individuals in their new positions will make a significant impact on the future success the company.