What better way to celebrate a profusion of recent contract wins than to invest in valuable research?

Indeed, this is exactly what French industrial gas firm, Air Liquide, did earlier this week when it offered support to a two year neuronal degeneration program.

Neurological and psychiatric disorders affect the lives of an astounding one in every eight people in Europe. With this in mind it seems fitting that European industrial gas success, Air Liquide lends a hand to reducing this rate.

Earlier this week the Air Liquide Foundation committed to support critical research in this field for two years when it donated €120,000 to an international research project.

The international research centre based in Paris, Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle épinière (Brain and Spine Institute – ICM), works to improve the diagnosis, prevention and treatment for brain and spinal cord diseases. Air Liquide offered its support to a team of ICM researchers.

The group, headed by Dr Etienne Hirsch neurobioligist and Assistant Director of the ICM Research Centre, concentrates upon ‘cellular respiration’ dysfunction. It is a process which is involved in Parkinson’s disease and is responsible for the degeneration characteristic of this pathology. The project itself concerns the role of iron in mitochondria, which generates energy in cells, as well as the mechanism by which it alters cellular respiration.

The financing of this study falls within the framework of one of the Air Liquide Foundation’s three sponsorship areas: scientific research for the improvement of respiratory function.