Indústria Brasileira de Gases Ltda. (IBG) is this year celebrating 16 years of business, having been founded in 1992 with the objective of offering an independent product and services offering for gas consumers, and is reaping the rewards of continued investment and freedom within the Brazilian market.

As the only Brazilian gas company and provider of high technology, quality and competitive prices to the market of industrial and medical gas consumers, in those 16 years of existence IBG has strongly invested in production gas units, distribution equipment and human resources. The company’s geographic expansion is cited as the key factor of surviving in the competitive environment, by strategically implementing a chain of 15 oxygen filling stations in the country.

The continuous flow of investment during recent years has provided IBG with the autonomy and freedom to perform in the market, catering for all the Brazilian territory, guaranteeing the supply of products at a low cost and ensuring high quality, safety and technical assistance standards.

During its period of existence, IBG has positioned itself in the market more and more, competing with the other 4 biggest worldwide companies in the sector and proclaims its mission as ‘..not to be the biggest, but the best gas company in the Brazilian market!’.

Producers and suppliers of a range of products such as acetylene, medical compressed air, argon, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen and specialty gases, the company currently shows a list of clients more than 3,000 strong and including companies of medical-hospital, industrial, microelectronics, metallurgical, iron and steel industry, and food processing industries.