Leslie Controls, a CIRCOR International brand, has made its replacement Kylie-Mueller valves available through CIRCOR’s international channel partner network.

The availability of the replacement valves allows the oil and gas and hydroelectric industries to replace the valves with OEM-manufactured substitutes.


Source: Leslie Controls

Kylie-Mueller valves serve in critical applications, so a drop-in replacement saves operators the hassle and cost of qualifying a different valve.

Previously, maintenance managers at facilities with aging Kylie-Mueller valves could service the internal components of the valve with CIRCOR’s Rotable Critical Trim Refurbishment Programme or replace the units with a different CIRCOR product.

Customers can now replace Kylie-Mueller valves with an identical Kylie-Mueller replacement – completely new, including direct-from-factory body and bonnet.

Kylie-Mueller’s line of GTB 3-way and GTW 2-way control valves are available in 6”to 12” sizes and feature multiple interior plug-heads for a wide range of performance characteristics.

The units have high reliability for liquid service, including for highly viscous media and liquid with suspended particulate.